Osteopath in Chelmsford

Denise is an registered osteopath who graduated from the highly prestigious British College of Osteopathic Medicine after 4 years of studying. Since then, she has worked as an osteopath in private practice in London and Chelmsford.

Denise became an osteopath because she wanted to help people to change their lives. For her, being an osteopath is a rewarding profession because you not only get people out of pain, but assist them on a journey in becoming who they want to be.

Denise has experience in diagnosing and treating patients with a variety of different conditions and pain in all areas of the body. She has a wide range of knowledge, treating people of all ages but has a special interest in sports injuries, headaches, jaw and neck pain. She believes a true osteopath aims to find the root cause of the problem, and to treat holistically to prevent the problem reoccurring.

Denise uses osteopathic treatment approaches which are suitable for each individual patient. This may be stretching, muscle contraction and massage techniques. As well as adjustments which are commonly known as the “clicking” techniques. However, these will only be carried out with full consent and only when safe. Denise is also qualified to give nutritional and exercise advice.

Conditions most commonly treated by Denise are: low back pain, neck pain, arthritic joint pain, neuralgias and trapped nerves, headaches, peripheral joint pain e.g frozen shoulder/tennis elbow, muscular strains, disc conditions, sciatic pain, sports injuries, ligament sprains, joint replacement related pain, accidents/injuries e.g whiplash, pregnancy related pelvic and low back pain.

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