About Me

Denise Carey is an osteopath working in Chelmsford. She was born in East Sussex. Becoming an osteopath allowed her to fulfil her dream of not only helping people, but studying science in depth.

Denise moved to Chelmsford to set up her own osteopathic practice in early 2017. Already, she has helped many people get out of pain and become much more healthy. She also is an osteopath for a clinic in Colchester.

Denise is a health and fitness enthusiast, and believes this and her people skills are what led her to train as an osteopath. Denise researches the latest scientific papers daily, and also practises Pilates, yoga and circuit training 3 days a week.

Denise has a combination of precise skill and understanding which means that she delivers the highest level of osteopathic treatment tailored to each individual. She believes educating a patient on their condition is an integral part of osteopathic treatment. She uses high velocity low amplitude thrusts / commonly known as the “the clicking” but only when it is safe to do so – and with full consent from her patient. Other techniques she uses include muscle energy techniques which are a form of stretch which increases the range of motion in a joint through lengthening a muscle. She performs osteopathic massages to get the joints prepared for adjustments. Denise also gives exercises for you to do to improve and sustain your recovery, she will also back this up by sending you the exercises through email along with a video to ensure your doing the exercises properly.