Prices for Osteopathy Treatment

Osteopathic Treatment
Initial Osteopathic Consultation – 45 Minutes £60.00
Follow-up Osteopathic Treatment – 30 Minutes £50.00
Initial Osteopathic Consultation Home Visit
Follow-up Osteopathic Treatment Home Visit £100.00


Denise wants osteopathy to be available to everyone regardless of their annual income. A discounted rate of £30.00 for 3 sessions is available for people who meet a certain criteria and who earn £12,000 or less a year.*  Please contact Denise for more details.

If you earn more than this but still can’t afford the treatments Denise will be happy to speak to you about alternative arrangements. It is recommended that you calculate your additional expenditure and consider the price of Osteopathy and your health. 

* You must be able to provide evidence of your income for eligibility. 

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